thoughts on defining your style

When you’ve been crafting for a while, you tend to make similar decisions: color palettes, modern versus traditional, simple versus highly detailed, etc. In this way, you’ve been – consciously or not – developing and defining your style. It’s an important step that requires careful consideration: deciding who you are as a designer, establishing your particular and unique brand, defining what you’re known for. But how much thought do you give it? Take a moment and consider these questions:canvas bag

  • What are the defining elements of your style?
  • How has that changed over time?
  • Did you develop your style consciously? To be in line with your brand?
  • Do you ever feel limited by your own style?
  • If so, how do you move past those limitations?

Yes, important questions, indeed. But do be mindful of the limitations. In other words, don’t be afraid to grab the pink pompom trim.  I learned this lesson soon after my daughter was born. It’s not that she wears all pink and purple now…but I do force myself to check out that end of the spectrum in the fabric store.

And know that your style will likely change over time…and you should let it. Mine, right here right now, is this yet unnamed bag (I’m working on it…and potentially a pattern). It’s taken me a while to put my finger on my preferences when it comes to bags, other than a lot. A little sporty (I like outdoor gear), a little vintage (in the 70s/80s kind of way), simple, utilitarian. I like it. For now.