here I go again

When you’re facing parenthood, your priorities change. That’s the only excuse I have for myself, ditching my old digs (teehee) at Digs & Bean at about 25 weeks pregnant with my daughter. A lot of life has happened since then. I’ve continued to be crafty since, despite my daughter’s best efforts, but I’ve manda on the porchhad less time for it…and even less time to type something cohesive about it when I do. Not that I’m promising anything cohesive here, mind you. What I’m hoping to do here is simple: document my own crafty geekiness, chronicle my adventures in making, discuss favorite patterns and books (insert dorky ex-craft-book editor emoji), share pics of things I wish I’d made or hope to someday, and keep writing…all from my porch (seriously, my craft room is a converted porch). I’ve always been a journal keeper…and life moves too fast to remember it all, especially these days. So….howdy. Welcome. Make some tea and talk crafty to me.


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